Waukesha_Home of Les Paul
The Home of Les Paul website has been designed and developed in dedication to the late great Lester Polfuss, who was born in and now rests in Waukesha, Wisconsin USA.  If you are one of the many fans or people who were inspired by Les Paul, perhaps you’re planning to make your way to Waukesha to see Les Paul’s home town, the stunning artistically designed 10′ guitar town guitars, and the many places that adorn his memory and legacy.  This site serves as both a navigational reference and a resource for information and locations of Les Paul memorials and historical spots so your visit can be enjoyable and trouble-free.

Navigating Waukesha

For anyone who has not been to Waukesha, Wisconsin, you will discover that the street layout is challenging at best.  This is especially true for the downtown area where streets converge into a hub and uncertainty of direction can lead you astray of your destination.  DO NOT fret.  We have taken the initiative to create several custom maps and integrated them as linkable resources on this site to help you along your way to having an enjoyable visit to Waukesha as you voyage through the home of Les Paul.

* Gibson Guitar Town

Most recently Waukesha has been added to the list of seven other cities that have been named by the Gibson Guitar Corporation as guitar towns.

Waukesha will be adorned with ten 10’ tall fiberglass guitars that will be decorated by Wisconsin artists. Gibson provided three of the guitars, and the other seven were funded by the city of Waukesha.

The unveiling of these guitars will be on June 1st 2012 at various locations throughout the Waukesha downtown area.  Officials from Gibson Guitar Corporation will be on hand, as may notable musicians in the music business, and of course many Les Paul fans.

See the Gibson Guitar Town Project Waukesha