These directions are provided for people traveling to Waukesha from Madison Wisconsin, or some other location west of the city of Waukesha.  An integrated custom live map has been embedded at the end of this page, and it has the option of moving or otherwise exploring the map for the ease of your trip into Waukesha.  If you prefer you can follow the Link at the bottom of the map directly to Google Maps to to get directions and more.

– If you’re traveling (east) towards Waukesha on I-94 from the west you will want to exit to the south on exit 295. (This road is referred to by many names that include: Redford Blvd., Hwy F, and Hwy 74.  Ultimately as you’re traveling south it will turn in to E. North Street just after you pass the quarry.)

– As you’re approaching the city from the north on E. North Street you will come to the intersection of E. Moreland Blvd/ Hwy 18 and you will want to proceed forward.  Continue forward approximately ¾ of a mile until you reach NW Barstow Street and turn left on NW Barstow Street.

– Follow NW Barstow Street through the first intersection (E. St. Paul Avenue) and proceed forward until you reach W. Main Street and turn right on W. Main Street.  Continue down W. Main Street approximately two blocks and you will come to a stop sign that is the hub of downtown Waukesha (“The Five Points”)

(NOTE: The intersection of the “Five Points” is a five-way hub.  You will be facing W. Main Street directly in front of you with W. Broadway to the right and sharp to the left, and N. Grand Avenue that splits towards the left between Main Street and Broadway. (See “green” lines on Map Link above/below for details))

* More detailed maps directing to all the Les Paul attractions coming soon*

View Les Paul Gateway to downtown Waukesha from West in a larger map