Today marks Les Paul’s 98th birthday.

Happy 98th Birthday Les Paul

Les Paul's 98th BirthdayHappy 98th Birthday Les Paul

Born on June 09, 2013, in Waukesha, Wisconsin, today marks the 98th birthday of Les Paul (Lester William Polsfuss).  On August 13, 2009, Les Paul passed away from complications associated with pneumonia at a hospital in White Plains, New York. Les died with his family and friends by his side.


Who was Les Paul?

Les Paul was a musician, songwriter and inventor. He was also one of the pioneers of the solid-body electric guitar – making the sound of rock & roll as we know it possible.


Waukesha’s Dedication to Les Paul

  • In an effort to show thanks and preserve his vibrant legacy, the city of Waukesha – the birth and resting place of Les Paul – has become a Gibson “GuitarTown”.  Dubbed the “Walking Tour”, Waukesha GuitarTown features Giant 10-foot tall and playable Gibson Les Paul guitars, as well as murals located throughout downtown Waukesha. (FREE)
  • In addition to GuitarTown, the permanent “Les Paul Experience” exhibit opens today at the Waukesha County Museum.  See rare guitars and artifacts that belonged to Les Paul and learn about the amazing story of Les Paul. (Tickets Required)
  • In 2009 Les Paul was laid to rest next to his mother at the Prairie Home Cemetery where a monument was constructed.The 500 square feet of granite includes the image of a 1952 Gibson Les Paul guitar, surrounded by a biography of the legendary guitar player and inventor, and a listing of his major awards.


Visit, Explore, and Pay your Respects

With June 9th being Les Paul’s birthday, why not come and see all the historical attractions dedicated to our hometown guitar legend. Visit downtown Waukesha and take a glimpse at the legacy of Les Paul. While you’re at it, stop by the monument and pay your respects to the man who lives on in the great city of Waukesha!